vintageTek Is Reprinting “My Years At Tektronix”

vintageTek is reprinting My Years At Tektronix 1945-1953. Miles was an original Tektronix Founder, along with Howard Vollum, Jack Murdock, and Glenn McDowell. The lawyer drawing up the incorporation papers was Jim Castles, who later joined Tektronix as General Counsel. … Continue reading →

IBM Customer Engineering Manual of Instruction – Tektronix Oscilloscopes

The attached 1960 document: IBM Customer Engineering Manual of Instruction – Tektronix Oscilloscopes, was recently discovered by Pete Lancashire and called to our attention. This was produced by IBM in August 1960 and was a step-by-step tutorial on scopes, and … Continue reading →

Breakthroughs throughout push scope to 1 Ghz

With the recent donation by Chris Curtin of the cutaway 7104 micro-channel-plate CRT, I made a call for 7104/mcp information via ex-Tek gateslist, and John Addis immediately responded with the attached Electronic Design article from 1-18-1979 by Hans Springer. Some … Continue reading →

John Kobbe recollections: Tek 500 Series Developments

John Kobbe recently jotted down his recollections of Tek’s development of the 500 Series oscilloscopes. Starting with the 310/315 he charts the evolution of many developments, including Howard Vollum’s desire to incorporate plug-in vertical amplifiers, and build our own CRT’s … Continue reading →

Pentrix Acquired by Tektronix

Pentrix, a manufacturer of Spectrum Analyzer plug-ins for the Tek 530/540 Series was acquired by Tektronix about 1964. They first designed the L10 for NASA. Following the acquisition, they designed the 1L20 and 1L30, and later the 1L5. These successes … Continue reading →

The Vollum cathode ray oscilloscope

According to Frank Hood in a 1985 Biography he wrote: “The first mention of Tektronix and the oscilloscope was in the April 1948 issue of the magazine ELECTRONICS. It was not called the 511 but only called “The Vollum portable … Continue reading →

Logan Belleville Moves to MIT Radiation Lab in WW2

In Howard’s 1984 Interview, Jim Castles asks him if Logan Belleville ever worked at MIT and Howard could not recall. In my recent meeting with Logan’s significant other, Holly Black Belleville, she said Logan was Secretary of the local IRE … Continue reading →